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The fees for cosmetic surgery can be obtained at the consultation. When a procedure is purely cosmetic, then most often insurance will not cover any of the cost. Reconstructive surgery, however, is often reimbursed in part or completely. Procedures that are part cosmetic and part reconstructive will generally have a portion of the cost reimbursed. We will be happy to help you with claim forms.

All cosmetic surgery is paid in advance. A scheduling fee is collected at the time the patient schedules surgery, with the balance due one to two weeks prior to surgery, at the time of the pre-operative physical examination.

When an insurance company is paying part or all of the fee, full payment is still the responsibility of the patient given that the insurance policy is with the patient and not with the surgery center. We will be glad to assist you with the insurance forms.

Payment Options

We provide a number of payment options which may be used individually or combined according to your wishes. When you visit our Lafayette office for your consultation, we can give you more information.

We work with several financing groups to meet the needs of our patients. Click to get more information about CareCredit and SurgeryLoans.

Please feel free to contact our office should you have any further financing questions.

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