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I have no financial or political interests in this discussion. My purpose is to share my heartfelt love for Lafayette and my deep connection to the Reservoir area, our own mini Yosemite.

I typically discuss issues pertaining to surgical procedures and maintaining good health. However, today I want to discuss a different type of wellbeing– the importance of making sure our beautiful land, people, and wildlife look and feel their best for generations to come.

The Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area opened in 1961 in Lafayette, California, the gorgeus property is located on 925 acres of public land. It is a gem in our community and our own mini “National Park.” It’s a place I’ve grown up next to and where I now take my three childen to play. It is also a popular destination to meet friends, and to enjoy wildlife nd the natural beauty of our community.

Hiking at the Lafayette Reservoir

For decades, countless people with varied monetary interests have tried to develop this untouched open space for personal and professional gain. The last time this happened, it was my own place of worship; my church wanted to relocate rom the original Lafayette schoolhouse location to the Reservoir land. he plans were halted, and for a good reason.

I firmly believe that once the first six acres of adjacent land are released, it will only be a short time before the remaining land is developed as well. Now, the development on the table is an 11,000 square foot building to serve as a cancer support community. The proposed three-story facility is slated to include roughly 80 parking spots, and business hours will run from eight in the morning until nine o’clock in the evening five days a week, and on weekends as well.

Thus far, no traffic study has been completed nor has an evironmental impact report been released. But surely, if a center is built directly adjacent to the Reservoir, the massive building will forever change the landscape of our community. Those behind the proposed development see the beauty of our Reservoir as a tranquil lace to build a multi-story building complex. I am not disparaging the cancer support community. As a Doctor of thousands of cancer patients and as a child of two parents who battled cancer, I see the effects of this disease everyday.

I am simply saying that this is not the place to build. Practically speaking, the Reservoir is also too far from local hospitals. The Cancer Support Network is currently located in Walnut Creek, which allows patients to only travel a few miles to John Muir Medical Center, Concord or to John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek.

For our families, for our children, and for our community — let us protect the greatest gift of our valley and preserve the Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area and the adjacent land for generations to come.

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