Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation versus Breast Implants?

As women, we have a relationship with our breasts throughout our lives. Size, sensation, position, breastfeeding, and even breast cancer affect this relationship. One in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It affects how we feel about our breasts. They are an integral part of our feminity and our sexuality. While breast implants are quite safe and very lovely when performed well, they are medical devices. They must be monitored and changed out several times over a lifetime.

Natural breast augmentation with our own fat is a wonderful alternative to breast implants.

The fat grafting method uses your own body fat to create larger and fuller breasts, without scarring or large incisions. I remove fat from places where you want it removed and I gently place it into your breasts. This fat includes stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma that is delicately processed in order to sculpt a fuller breast using microdroplet injections through a few tiny needle holes. This type of breast augmentation doesn’t involve implants, general anethesia, stitches, or in many cases even intravenous sedation. On top of that, the recovery is relatively easy.

The cost of natural breast augmentation using your own fat is about the same as the cost of implants, but with the natural fat grafting breast augmentation, you can achieve a better overall shape. This means that along with fuller breasts, you can achieve a more sculpted body using advanced liposuction technology. Because breast augmentation takes fat from other parts of your body and moves it into your breasts, it simultaneously scuplts and contours your body. Liposuction and fat grafting improves your overall figure, not just your breasts, and therefore is a more efficient procedure than breast implants. Now understand fat grafting achieves half a cup size per fat grafting session. You may want two sessions to achieve over a cup size of breast enlargement, but it is worth it!

Visually, the look of fat grafting for breast augmentation versus breast implants is more subtle, natural, and indistinguishable from your breast tissue. Our breasts are around 50% fat naturally, which is why adding more of your body’s fat allows them to maintain their natural feel and look. In addition to increasing size, breast augmentation using fat is an excellent way to restore breast shape after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss.

I perform multiple breast augmentations per week. Time after time patients has told me they feel more confident in their bodies while maintaining a natural look and feel. My patients enjoy the benefit of minimal recovery time.

Breast implants can take several weeks to recover. My patients have full lives, and being sidelined by a post-surgery recovery is less than ideal. When I perform a breast augmentation with fat my patients typically take a few days off, the equivalent to a long weekend. Breast augmentation using fat is an excellent way to naturally enhance your breasts. It is the future of breast reconstruction, using exciting, natural, and safe methods. As your local Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with years of experience, my passion is helping clients look and feel their absolute best. I invite you to come in for a consultation soon.

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