Dr. Persons: Serving a Diverse Community

Diverse Community

Here at Persons Plastic Surgery in Lafayette, Dr. Barbara Persons serves patients from all over the San Francisco Bay Area.  Thanks to the rich diversity of the population here in the Bay Area, she has the privilege of performing facelifts, eyelid surgeries, rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, and other plastic surgery procedures on men and women of Latino, African-American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Caucasian descent.

Due to the diverse nature of her patient population, Dr. Persons has honed her skills as a surgeon, adapting her techniques to suit the individual. She takes a mindful approach to each patient, assessing their needs and goals, and taking into account the physical qualities and physiological responses of the patient’s skin, to identify the right course of action to suit the patient.

The Challenges of Ethnic Plastic Surgery

Understanding that people of different ethnicities have distinctly unique physical characteristics, it’s important to Dr. Persons to approach each case individually. She addresses each patient separately, working to improve their appearance and achieve their aesthetic goals while maintaining their unique qualities and respecting their ethnic characteristics.

She knows that people of African-American, Middle Eastern, and Asian descent tend to have thicker skin than Caucasian and Latino skin, which means that the underlying anatomy requires special attention to achieve the desired changes in appearance. Dr. Persons takes this into account when deciding on a surgical approach to improve the appearance of their face, neck, cheeks, eyes, or nose.

Dr. Persons also recognizes that people of Asian descent tend to have thicker, heavier eyelids, so a mindful approach to reducing the upper and lower eyelid fullness is required when performing Asian eyelid surgery.

Due to the differences in skin thickness, facial feature shapes, and skin color, it is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Persons who has extensive experience working with patients of diverse ethnicities to perform your procedure. Dr. Persons focuses on treating the individual, minimizing scarring and maximizing results to achieve the desired outcome.

Using Her Skills to Suit the Individual

Dr. Persons stresses the importance of a pre-operative evaluation to identify a unique plan of approach for each patient. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to plastic surgery at Persons Plastic Surgery. Dr. Persons treats the individual, assessing their unique needs and goals, then develops a surgical strategy just for them.

Her goal is to help you look your best, with natural-looking results that suit your goals and desires, so that you can be proud of your appearance. No matter your background, Dr. Persons has the skills to help you achieve the look you want. When you are ready to schedule your plastic surgery procedure, please call (925) 283-4012 or request a consultation with Dr. Persons.

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