It is important to have realistic expectations regarding cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Surgery can improve one’s appearance or correct a physical imperfection, but it will never solve personal problems or create an entirely new face or body. Miraculous transformation is not possible.

The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve or enhance appearance. Facial harmony and body shape can often be markedly improved and features can be refined. It is important to remember that the surgeon does not start with a blank slate. She uses her expertise to fashion and refine those features that already exist.

Surgical procedures also affect individuals in different ways. Most people should expect some temporary swelling, discoloration and other minor discomforts. One must recognize that surgery is not an exact science. The improvements created on the operating table are subject to the imprecisions of the healing process, the effects of age, health, skin tone, and the individual’s attention to following the post-operative instructions. Before deciding to have surgery, one must take into account all of these factors and realize their motivations, the process, and the benefits.

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