Facts About Cosmetic Surgery

Why would a healthy individual ask to be subjected to surgery? The answer is simple: to improve the quality of one’s life. How we feel about ourselves and our lives in general is reflected by how we feel about how we look. Today, Americans not only live longer, but live far healthier and more active lives than they did thirty years ago. We expect more out of life and want to participate in all that it offers. We no longer accept a tired and aged look when we feel healthy and full of energy. We no longer are resigned to just “living with” undesirable physical characteristics. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is accepted and desired today because it can complement our lives in the same way that exercise and fashion can. It helps us to feel better about ourselves. Our business and professional lives can be enhanced by a youthful and cosmetically pleasing appearance. Each year in the United States, millions of people undergo elective surgery for the sole purpose of improving their appearance. These days, individuals from all socio-economic groups are undergoing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. People view cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as an investment in themselves.

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