Fat Grafting: Moving Unwanted Fat to Where It’s Needed

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There is good news about that unwanted fat you may be carrying around! At Persons Plastic Surgery, fat is known as “liquid gold.” Why? You may ask…

Don’t Hate Your Fat…Use It!

By removing unwanted fat from one area and grafting it to another, your own excess fat can be used to increase your breast size, enhance the buttocks, and bring back lost volume to the face and hands. Fat contains stem cells as well as platelet-rich plasma and is a true graft. When we retrieve fat from the body, it is the color of glistening gold; hence, the name “liquid gold.” Once the fat is delicately placed into its new area of the body, the fat thrives and naturally adapts to its new location without any reaction or possibility of rejection because it is from within your own body!

Fat Transfer for Natural Breast Augmentation

Because fat grafting is so effective in achieving desired results, I am seeing more and more patients choose this for breast augmentation as opposed to traditional augmentation with implants. Fat transfer for breast augmentation is ideal for women who are looking for a relatively small increase in breast size without the use of implants and would prefer natural results.

Fat grafting to the breasts achieves about half a bra cup size per fat grafting session and is about the same price as augmentation with implants. To achieve maximal results, most patients report that two sessions of fat transfer for breast augmentation are ideal. The second session should be completed six weeks to a year after the first fat transfer.

Fat Grafting for Other Breast Procedures

Fat transfer is also widely used in breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Women are not the only patients opting for fat grafting either. There are a number of women who have brought their own partners in for a little “work” after they witness the improvement with fat grafting for themselves. Men commonly have excess fat in their chests and flanks, which can affect their physique. These issues can be improved with liposuction and fat grafting as well.

Your Fat Grafting Procedure

During the fat grafting procedure, numbing solution is placed subcutaneously. Fat is then skillfully suctioned using a blunt-tipped cannula. This fat is kept sterile and purified. Growth factors and plasma are left in the fat. The syringes are filled with your own fat and used to add volume to the desired body parts.

About 60% of the grafted fat survives and lives in its new location.

Getting the Best Fat Grafting Results

Something important to note regarding liposuction and fat grafting is that you should be at a stable weight before undergoing the procedure. We say that liposuction is a shape changer, not a weight changer.

You are born with the same number of fat cells that you die with—unless some are surgically removed. However, even if fat cells are removed, if a patient fails to change their diet and activity level, the remaining fat cells will grow in size and fill back up with lipids (fat). This explains the misconception that after liposuction, fat moves from one place to another. This is inaccurate—fat cells do not move, but they can expand.

Fat grafting can be great when it comes to enhancing your youthful appearance. Please call our office at (925) 283-4012, or use the online form to schedule a consultation to find out if it’s the right procedure for you!

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