It is Time to Get Your Groove Back!

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What is it that keeps you from walking in this world with confidence?

A patient of mine started crying during a follow up appointment for her recent facelift. Her face looked beautiful, refreshed, rejuvenated and natural, so I asked her what was wrong. She said she was emotional because she had spent years feeling that her outer appearance looked old and tired, and did not reflect the vibrant woman she is. She is now being treated like an attractive woman again; like the woman she is on the inside. The change was empowering and uplifting.

Another patient had a similar reaction after her rhinoplasty (nose job). She said she had spent years worrying about her nose. She had been teased as a teenager about the hump on her nose and remained self-conscious about it as an adult. After the rhinoplasty, her self-consciousness about her nose no longer got in the way of her relationships with others. She is no longer talking to people and wondering, “what are they thinking about the defect on my nose.” She feels free.

Yet another patient responded in almost the same way. “After my tummy tuck and liposuction, I feel like I have myself back.” It was not someone being vain or superficial. It was about the feeling of being able to return to the person that she was before… having her pre-pregnancy body back and just feeling comfortable in her own skin again. She was so comfortable, she sent me a photo of herself in a bikini with a thank you note!

I recently asked a female plastic surgeon friend of mine who lives in Florida to inject a deep crater beneath my right eye with Restalane and a new filler not yet on the market. When the eye socket depression that has been with me 21 years (since my accident) literally vanished, I too cried. I always thought about the depression when being photographed and felt self-conscious about my appearance. A Surgeon mentor of mine once wrote a recommendation for me as a plastic surgeon saying, “she is a really talented surgeon who you would be lucky to work with, but she has some terrible scars on her face after a horrible car accident.” It is not about trying to attain physical perfection, but about simply getting back to the “me” that existed before my accident. I am more free today to walk in the world as an healthy, vibrant woman, not self-conscious about a physical flaw on my face.

The stories go on and on… it is why I LOVE my job. These are all excellent examples of reasons to choose plastic surgery. It should be a decision that improves your state of being and your confidence. It should not be a choice to impress someone or to please someone else. It is why taking the time to have a thorough consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is so important. We adhere to the strictest standards and I have the courage to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

Please take five minutes to think about this question, “What keeps you from walking with confidence in the world?” The answer can be physical and/or mental.

Think about your past and future. Be true and honest with yourself and take a hard look at those factors that are missing in your life or are causing you to feel self-conscious.

a. Physical: Are there any physical characteristics that are holding you back from being totally comfortable in your skin?

b. Emotional: What are you doing to moderate stress in your life and how can you bring your life into better balance (I have to really work on this one)?

c. Spiritual: Are you taking the time to properly develop your spiritual well-being with God or a Higher Power, your church, temple, friends, and charities?

Take the time to write a page about it. Then, make an action plan for your body, mind and soul.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to consult with you on the variety of ways my practice can assist you with the issues that have been preventing you from walking in this world with confidence. Let’s meet and work on ways we can get your groove back!

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