Providing an Outstanding Consultation for Plastic Surgery: Empowering Patients to Make Informed Decisions

Your journey with plastic surgery is an incredibly personal one, which begins with your consultation. Patients from Concord, Lafayette, Brentwood, Walnut Creek, and surrounding areas visit Persons Plastic Surgery to receive a great experience from start to finish. An outstanding consultation goes beyond a mere information session—it is a personalized and empowering experience that allows patients to make informed decisions about their desired procedures.

Here at Persons Plastic Surgery, I strive to ensure that patients leave their consultation feeling educated to make the best possible decision for their health and aesthetic goals by fostering open patient-surgeon communication, making thorough and individualized recommendations, and creating an office environment that is comfortable and welcoming.

Open Communication and Active Listening

The best consultation is one in which a plastic surgeon establishes a comfortable and open environment that encourages patients to express their aesthetic goals, concerns, and expectations. The surgeon actively listens to the patient’s desires, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique needs. This open communication fosters a sense of trust and partnership, enabling the surgeon to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific goals.

Thorough Evaluation and Individualized Recommendations

During a consultation, I conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s physical features, medical history, and desired outcome. Through a meticulous assessment, I can then determine the feasibility and appropriateness of the desired procedure. Based on this evaluation, I am able to make individualized recommendations that align with the patient’s goals, taking into account their anatomical considerations, lifestyle, and overall well-being.

Education and Transparency

I strive to provide patients with detailed information about their procedure of interest, including its benefits, potential risks, and expected outcomes, as well as the surgical techniques, recovery process, and post-operative care. This transparency empowers the patient to make informed decisions and manage their expectations realistically. More importantly, an environment where patients feel encouraged to ask questions throughout the consultation is fostered during my consultations.

Visual Aids and Technology

To enhance the consultation experience, the use of visual aids and advanced technology can be invaluable. I utilize before-and-after photo galleries to allow patients to visualize potential results and gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities, which also helps align the patient’s expectations with what can be realistically achieved through the chosen procedure.

Clear Treatment Plan and Timeline

An outstanding consultation results in a clear and well-defined treatment plan, outlining the recommended procedure, expected timeline, and associated costs. This comprehensive plan ensures that the patient has a complete understanding of what to expect, leading to a smoother surgical journey, which is my goal with each and every patient I see.

Collaborative Decision-Making

This collaborative approach ensures that the patient feels ownership over their decision, leading to increased satisfaction with the outcome.

Throughout the consultation process, my patients hold tremendous power. They have the ability to express their desires, share their concerns, and actively participate in their healthcare decisions. The power lies in their voice and their right to make informed choices about their bodies. By articulating their aesthetic goals and engaging in open communication with their plastic surgeon, patients can guide the consultation process and collaborate on a personalized treatment plan, allowing patients to take ownership of their incredibly personal journey.


An outstanding consultation for plastic surgery sets the stage for a successful and satisfying patient journey. It involves open communication, thorough evaluation, education, transparency, and collaborative decision-making. In my practice, I am fully committed to addressing patient concerns, providing personalized recommendations, and creating a supportive environment that empowers patients to make informed decisions about their desired procedures.

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