Small Breast Implants: When Mini Breast Augmentation Is Just Right

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If you’re interested in breast augmentation but don’t want to look fake or make a dramatic change, you may want to consider mini breast augmentation. This is an emerging trend with breast augmentation I’m seeing more often lately. Designed to enhance your natural shape without giving you an unnatural appearance, mini breast augmentation is a favorite procedure among women of all ages.

What Is a Mini Breast Augmentation?

A mini breast augmentation is breast augmentation surgery that uses small breast implants—50 cc to 275 cc. Depending on the amount of natural breast tissue you have, the increase in breast size achieved with these implants will vary, but the results will look very natural.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Mini Breast Augmentation?

Anyone seeking to enhance their appearance and/or restore their self-confidence is a good candidate for mini breast augmentation. I work with my patients to help them achieve a satisfying self-image so that they can look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Breast Augmentation Revision With Small Breast Implants

For women seeking breast implant revision surgery, where the old implants are removed and sometimes replaced with new implants, mini breast augmentation may be an option. I recommend a consultation to assess your current implants and determine the best plan for you. If a major change is required, it may require a more complex surgical approach. Every patient is different, so I recommend scheduling a consultation before deciding on surgery.

How Do I Choose Breast Implant Size?

During the consultation process, I will meet with you to discuss your goals, understand your needs, and help you identify the breast implant size that suits you best. Together, we will determine the best approach to achieve your goals with plastic surgery.

I use an implant sizing system that utilizes silicone implant samples to allow you to preview the effects of your augmentation to help you choose the implant size that suits your frame, your lifestyle, and your goals. Using these factors, I will help you select the implant size that is appropriate for you. Being able to offer women a wide range of breast implant sizes allows me the ability to help women of all ages and sizes achieve their aesthetic goals.

Why Choose Dr. Persons?

I perform multiple breast augmentation and mini breast augmentation procedures per week. In my estimation, I will perform over 300 mini breast augmentation procedures this year. I have years of experience as a plastic surgeon and pride myself on achieving natural-looking results. You can see these in my breast augmentation photo gallery. My goal is to help my patients feel good about themselves. I work to ensure my patients are satisfied with the results of their procedures.

If you are interested in a mini breast augmentation, I can help. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please call (925) 283-4012 or request a consultation with me today.

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