Winter Work for Summer Freedom

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As winter winds down and spring sneaks up on us many start to notice how much of a beating that cold weather and harsh winds can affect your skin. Your face may feel dry, dull, or just flat out damaged. Even so, there’s no reason anyone should have to walk around feeling anything less than wonderful in their own skin. Luckily for us winter is the perfect time to begin solving all your skin troubles.

Right now the sun is considerably less intense than during the spring or summer months, which makes it a perfect time to consider laser treatments. Protecting yourself from UV light is a key component in any post-operative laser treatment care. Since most lasers work to target individual skin cells, the skin rejuvenation process begins to speed up. Although this leaves you with a fresh layer of skin, the treatment also leaves you more susceptible to sun damage. It is imperative that your new, healthy cells are protected from this. Personally, I always try to do my laser treatments around this time of the year to minimize possible environmental effects, and because I know I want my skin to be looking as refreshed as it can come summertime.

One of the more popular lasers I use at my practice is the Fraxel laser. With Fraxel you are able to help diminish the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation issues. This dual laser system is also beneficial for anyone looking to get rid of deeper damage such as acne scars or as a preventative treatment for skin cancers. I highly recommend this treatment to many of my patients with any of the above issues. Fraxel is not only for the face either, it can also be used to treat your hands, neck, and chest!

Another multi-use laser we have here is the Viora-IPL, or intense pulsed light laser. This type of laser therapy uses high intense pulses of visible light to help with the appearance of a variety of skin issues. This laser is routinely used for hair removal and commonly used for skin rejuvenation, hyperpigementation, acne clearance, wrinkles, and rosacea. From that list I am sure you can see that this is one of our most widely used machines at my office, and for good reason. Although it can take more than a single treatment to achieve your desired results, it is well worth it and I see the difference in my patients’ skin on a daily basis.

By far the most intense laser is the carbon dioxide laser used for skin resurfacing. Unlike dermabrasions or chemical peels, the carbon dioxide laser uses gas to remove layers of skin instead of harsher chemicals or sanding. Carbon dioxide lasers use rapid pulses that vaporize the top layers of skin, leaving you with less age spots, scars, and wrinkles due to the laser’s tightening effect on the skin. Although, not everyone is a candidate for this resurfacing laser it can definitely boost one’s skin health and ultimately their confidence when used on the right skin type.

At my practice I try to encourage and empower my staff as well as my patients. I strive to instill them with self-confidence, and although much of that comes from the inside I truly believe that your outside appearance contributes to that as well. I want everyone that leaves my practice feeling bright, new, and ready to conquer any obstacle; part of feeling good is looking good. My greatest joy comes from helping each and every one of my patients to become their best selves in any way that I can. Any questions you may have on our services and procedures here, or even if you’re only exploring your options I would be happy to help. Feel free to come see me and my staff at Persons Plastic Surgery, we look forward to meeting you!

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